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Selection A collection of my favourite photographs:

Children playing in Vancouver Children playing in a Vancouver suburb, Canada, 2005
Scotiabank Building Scotiabank Building in Vancouver in front of a blue sky, 2005
Carlo Zanon, snowboarder Carlo Zanon, Graubünden, Switzerland, 2005
News Corporation headquarters News Corporation headquarters, New York City, 2005
Blue sky in automn Blue sky in automn, Vancouver, 2005
photo Nidwalden Summer in Nidwalden, Switzerland 2005
Band I Trip The band "I Trip" at "Muisiglanzgmeind" music festival 2005 in Grafenort, Switzerland
Sea Bus "Sea Bus" ferry arrives downtown Vancouver, 2005
Muisiglanzgmeind 2005 Open-air music festival "Muisiglanzgmeind", Grafenort, 2005
Snowboarders ascending Mount Sulzfluh Snowboarders ascending Mount Sulzfluh, Graubünden, 2005
Lynn Suspension Bridge Tourists take the plunge onto Lynn Suspension Bridge north of Vancouver, 2005
Skiers and snowboarders, Gargellen Crossing the border downhill to Gargellen, Austria, 2005